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Lanaé is a multi-disciplined creative who has been bridging visual and UX design for over 15 years, successfully solving problems through human-centered and data-driven design.

She has applied her understanding of design, technology, culture and people to turn challenges into measurable successes for Fortune 500s, startups, and NGOs. As a leader, she has mastered when to set the vision and when to recognize and encourage the vision in others.

Lanaé is currently utilizing her talents to guide UX best practices and establish and improve 3D model UI for Checkpoint 3. In recent hybrid UX and design director roles, she managed visual creative for a 360 Walgreens Health campaign at Wunderman Thompson, led Sprint’s homepage redesign preceding acquisition by T-Mobile — pushing boundaries to produce a 169.3% increase in Black Friday conversions, 22% increase in overall conversions, and 18% increase in overall product orders — and mentored, guided and empowered junior creatives.

Previously, she worked on Capital One’s brand social team, art directing campaigns and content for Washington, D.C.’s Capitals and Wizards teams, the New York City Wine & Food Festival, the Foo Fighters tour, NYC Pride, and many more.

Lanaé also managed creative and content at Sinuous Magazine, an online publication covering art, fashion, film, music, events, social movements, and intersectional issues. While there, she maintained partnerships with SummerStage, Heineken, Marriott, MassMutual, Jergen’s, The BET Awards, EXPRESS, Budweiser’s Made In America Festival, and PopSugar.

Past clients include HSBC, Kaiser Permanente, Entergy, Disney, Backcountry, Arrow Electronics, Wydder Media, TNA OnDemand, Santander Bank, Newell-Rubbermaid, and John Deere.

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